Friday, July 30, 2010

Religion vs. Dungeons & Dragons

I've been listening to the discussion whether gays should be allowed to be married in church, baptized, or even take communion, or, if a woman can be ordained into the Catholic priesthood, or, if blacks (before 1978) could be ordained into the Mormon church. Even though, of course, discriminating against anyone because of their race, gender, or sexual orientation is wrong, but I have to ask myself, "Why would anyone want to?"

It reminds me of the arbitrary rules of the fantasy role playing game of Dungeons and Dragons. That left handers can't enter the 'Kingdom of Varg', or if you're shorter than 5'6", you can't seek immortality from the 'Elves of Zargon', or if you're a double jointed Japanese ballet dancer born in the southern hemisphere and who's belly button sticks out (Ewww - I hate that!), then you can't possibly understand the 'Mysteria from the Forgotten Realms of Ravenloft'?

I think it's time to play a different game?

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