Saturday, July 10, 2010

Praying? And in MY House!

Just to prove that atheists aren’t intolerant insensitive leathery old goats, here’s a picture of a sheltie puppy my wife bread called Lilly. And she’s praying! Then again, she’s six week old and has the brain the size of a small walnut, so inane behavior such as asking a supernatural being to alter the laws of physics for one’s own benefit can be excused.But what’s the excuse of Louisiana lawmakers?

Just in case you're concerned, I had a word with Lilly and now she's and atheist. See below.


  1. Very cute and unlike a Christian baby, I have no urge to eat her.

  2. Then again, the puppy does not possess the image of God. The Bible does say that the creation looks for the sons of God to be revealed though. Just FYI.