Monday, July 19, 2010

Jesus is a Professional Wrestler & God (or himself) is his Fight Promoter

Okay, if I go way out here and accept that the Christian god exists and is the all powerful, all knowing supernatural, *groan…*, doesn’t that make the crucifixion and resurrection a huge con trick? Do you really believe that a supreme being would actually allow his son (or himself) to go through all that self imposed mutilation?

Of course not! But it's a great story of, a good guy (Jesus) that gets the crap beaten out of him by bad guy, (the Romans, the Jews, or humanity in general), then good guy comes back and eventually wins! Wouldn’t that make Jesus a kind of ‘Professional Wrestler, and god (or himself) a showman and entertainer like P.T. Barnum of “there’s a sucker born every minute” fame? So, it's all a big side show, planned from the very beginning for the entertainment of the crowd.

The gullible Christians eat it up, just like Pay Per View wrestling fans.

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