Monday, August 9, 2010

I Get YouTube Comments

Question: If the idea of God can be dismissed as a memetic parasite trying to survive, then any idea can be dismissed the same way--including atheism. The idea of rational thought would itself be a meme. The idea that there are such things as memes would be a meme. Rational thought breaks down entirely under such as system as we could have no way of knowing whether any thought we have has any relationship to reality at all.

Answer: No, you're conveniently ignoring the fundamental difference. EVIDENCE! Using reason, rationality, critical thinking and common sense based on empirical evidence that is testable, repeatable, and subjected to the rigorous scrutiny of peer review.

It's interesting that theists attempt to portray reason, atheism, and even science as a religion. Subconsciously they know the very word "religion" is delusional, divisive, disingenuous and dangerous. It's a fascinating 'panic' defense.


  1. I'm agnostic if only for the fact that the labcoats and logic cannot explain how this universe was created (yet).

    However, I do have some pleasing ammo for you to ruin any zealots day.

    Thou shalt not kill - Welt, that pretty much ruins the point behind the crusades and jihad, flooding the world except noah, killing moses after he saves his people, sending his own son to die when he knew it had to happen like that... Just because a man kills in the name of god, he still violates the rule and is condemned. SHAME ON THEM! THIS IS NOT A LOOPHOLE >:O

    Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife, nor his goods - Funny thing that... from the moment humanity received the ten commandments women were property for thousands of years when God has CLEARLY separated the two...

    Man was created in God's image/likeness - Guess that makes god evil, a jerk, manipulative, irrational, a murderer, greedy, selfish, (insert infinite negative words here).

    Considering this, the devil becomes a moot point - which makes God have a split personality he (or we, depending on how you look at it) calls the Devil. Since there's no Devil, there's no hell - since there's no hell, and there IS an opposite of EVERYTHING, that means there's no heaven either. Logic: With life there is death, with happiness there is sadness, with pain there is pleasure, with hunger there is satisfaction, up and down, gravity and no gravity, moisture and no moisture, heat and cold, and clearly if there is a hell or a heaven then the other must surely exist - however a flaw: If there is a god, what would make up an anti-god?

    I hope in the future the biologists can remove the dna sequences that makes most of us complete cavemen..

  2. I must rectify my point of the god/no god thing. My wife made a point if we're going to argue on that basis: Because it exists here, it does not exist elsewhere. There is no magic that exists here, but it could be possible that it exists somewhere else.

    Also, if you're going to explain that to people you must be crystal clear as to God and the Absence of God. She argued with me that between hot and cold, empty and full, there was god and the devil - however the devil is not a god, but an angel. So therefore, if there is a god, there must be an anti-god that cancels out his effects. The same way there is a middle ground between each pair, there is no middle ground between the god and the devil because despite what the devil does, gods works never lose power or appear any less often.

    If we want to be extremely specific, if there is an all knowing god that is everywhere at once with unlimited power, there must be one that knows nothing and is nowhere none of the time, with no power - can't call that a god can we?

    Once again, my wife argues with me that this may apply only to our own planet - the devil may have his own planet - the avatar movie planet probably exists out there somewhere with their eywa thing. I was tired of arguing with her, but in my own head, I call HUGE amounts of bullshit. Why? BECAUSE OUR SATELLITES AND TELESCOPES HAVE FOUND 0 LIFE FORMS IN THE UNIVERSE - NO SHIPS, NO ALIEN SATELLITES OF THEIR OWN, NO FREQUENCY RESPONSES, NO NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!

    To end: Crap on god till I see him with my own eyes.