Monday, June 14, 2010

Move Along! Move Along!

I was outside The Healing Place Church, (formally know as the Trinity Christian Center), in Baton Rough this Sunday. The mega church has an estimated congregation of just under 8,000 and it's spectacular! (I have no idea how much it cost to build but I would estimate many tens of millions of dollars.) Check out the web site at Its configuration is also excellent for my needs in that the only two exits are very close together. So my sign, “Hello I’m an Atheists. Do you have any questions for me?” placed just opposite the exits was viewable to everyone leaving the grounds.

I had quite a few people talk to me and, after I bombarded them with more logic, reason, rationality, critical thinking, etc., than they’ve probably ever had in their life, I was informed on several occasions that Jesus still loves me. (Ahhhh.) For the first time, I even got given a bible!

But, alas, as always, I was told to “move along” by the police yet again. There was public road works opposite the exits so, I was asked to leave “for my own safety”. I did converse with the police officer, (who incidentally was very respectful), and asked the obvious question of is my safety the real issue here or is it the message? And of course, I got the usual reply that it was nothing to do with the message.

As I’m over an hours drive away, I have a challenge to anyone in the Baton Rouge area, Christians and atheists alike. How about partaking of a science experiment and standing in the “dangerous construction zone” on Highland Road next Sunday (they also have a service Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m.) and let me know how long your there before you get moved along… “for your own safety”. I’m willing to bet quite a few Hail Marys that you’ll be standing there ‘till the second coming of Christ.

Because of the title ‘Move Along, Move Along, here’s the video of the All American Rejects. I love a song that starts out with the sarcastic lyric, “Go ahead as you waste your days with thinking”. Yes, what ever you do, don’t think!


  1. Well Doug, I applaud your willingness and persistence in wanting to introduce christians to a real atheist and be available to answer their questions, but I find that you're on a losing end with religionists (and the Po Po), and that they are never going to change their confused, brainwashed minds into actually hearing and thinking about anything you say. I think you may have less problems with policemen on the Southshore, if you ever make it this way to do this down here. Im pretty sure Renee and I would join you if we are kidless that weekend, and you might even get a few other NOSHA members. There is a large church like this in Metairie on Airline called Victory Fellowship, that would be perfect to show ourselves. I would also only show up right before mass is over to lessen the chance cops will be called out sooner.

  2. Ok, why does it seem that everyone that doesn't think like you, are brainwashed? I smell a trouble maker