Saturday, April 3, 2010

Inciting Religious Fear and Hatred

I found this short movie very disturbing, but not for the reasons others would. The worst, most divisive, destructive, and scary part was at the end where the guy said “As believers, we call upon you to join the effort, to share the gospel message with the changing world. This is a call to action.”

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Basically, the Christian religion is scaring people by saying the Muslim religion is coming. Can you think of any worse reason to have a baby than to beat the other ‘kind’ of people that are having more babies than you? Religion is just like a virus that infects the minds of otherwise sane people to make them swarms and multiply, just like bacteria in a laboratory Petri dish.

I don’t care about what flavor of delusional invisible man in the sky people pray to. I care about human rights. I don’t care if someone’s of Muslim heritage, as long as he doesn’t think that if a woman tries to get an education she should have battery acid thrown in her face, or if he flies a plain into a building he gets 72 virgins in paradise. Just as I don’t care if someone’s of Christian heritage, as long as he doesn’t think it okay to shoot abortion doctors, persecute homosexuals, inhibiting condoms in AIDS rampant Africa, teach ‘god-did-it’ creationism instead of evolution in classrooms, or to allow Priests to fuck little boys up the ass. To think otherwise is simple minded racism.

The good news is that the video isn’t true. Islam isn’t the fastest growing religion. Secularism is the fastest growing ‘religion’. As people are getting better educated, and this includes immigrants to western democracies, their critical thinking skills are forcing them to leave their religious beliefs behind. However, even though things are getting better, mankind’s technological advancement is far out pacing our social advancement. Mixing medieval thinking with scientific advances like the human DNA gnome, protecting the planet’s ecosystems, nuclear bombs manufacture, and yes, overpopulation, is a recipe for disaster.

The best thing that the USA has is the sentence in the First Amendment that advocates the separation of church and state that says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”. That’s saving us from a religious war that this video is promoting.

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  1. The separation of church and state involves a state run religion such as Henry VIII subscribed to, which ultimately resulted in the massacre of many people. Was Henry VIII a Christian though? 1 Cor. 6:9-11 would say no. He was an adulterer and no adulterer will inherit the kingdom. A good tree cannot bear corrupt fruit. Any person that you see that is a liar, a thief, an sexual pervert and so forth that calls themselves "Christian" is no more than a wolf in sheep's clothing. Jesus said that we would know who's who in the zoo by their fruits. Thankfully, someone like you is up front about those things so that there is no guessing which side you're on. It's a lot more difficult when the person is lying.

    Truthfully, it has been Spirit filled Christians that have advocated that all men are created equal. John Adams did not agree with slavery and he was a Christian. Neither did Benjamin Rush. Thomas Jefferson, otoh, was a deist and not only owned slaves but fathered some children by them. He is often perversely exalted by atheists who think these points stand with what these men believed.

    The First Amendment not only ensures that you can believe what you want to believe but it also ensures that I can. My religion calls me to go and spread the good news of Jesus Christ and to call men to repentance. Because of the First Amendment, I can do that. And because of the First Amendment, you can go out at Mardi Gras and share your message. The problem is that if you had control of the government, you would deny those rights to the Christians just as you did when you gained control the public school system. All other religious points of view were squelched with the exception of one - atheism.