Thursday, March 11, 2010

Godless Evangelism at the Highest Level

Sean Faircloth, the Executive Director of the Secular Coalition for America said that this is “Our Secular Decade” and has laid down his goals and tactics to achieve this end.

These include: -

1. Expand our issue base;
2. Increase our lobbying efforts in Washington;
3. Produce communications materials that connect emotionally;
4. Engage in more robust networking of secular and nontheist Americans;
5. Undertake a "50-state strategy" in which we spark a grassroots effort leading to active volunteer advocacy networks in all fifty states before December 2019;
6. Seek out the "apatheistic" and the functionally secular, expand outreach to women and younger people and bring our message to other potentially sympathetic groups, such as scientists, libertarians and LGBT nontheists (this effort will increase membership for our ten member organizations and strengthen our coalition);
7. Hold a secular policy summit that is narrowly tailored to policy and leadership strategy; and
8. Institute an internship program on Capitol Hill.

I personally don’t have any problems with these steps as my motto is “over, around, under, and through” as far as Spreading the Word of Reason.

I particularly liked his pep talk like statement at the end: -

This is our decade. 2010 is an exciting year, but 2019 will be even better because we will have achieved the secular goals that we have set for ourselves today. We believe strongly in a rational worldview, and our compassion and decency mandated by that worldview leaves no one out--even those with whom we disagree. This plan will lead Secular Americans to our rightful national leadership role.

Sean Faircloth and me at the NOSHA Banquit, New Orleans, September 18th, 2009.

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